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Comprehensive Vision Evaluation

Since reading the eye chart takes about 1 minute and a typical eye exam takes an average of just 15 minutes, it is impossible to fully evaluate all the visual skills that can cause vision problems in that period of time.

During Dr. Wintrob’s full vision evaluation you spend 45 minutes with the doctor.

One of the problems with traditional care is that doctors often dictate solutions to their patients and may even get defensive when questioned.

Dr. Wintrob believes that you are the expert on your needs and should therefore be an active participant in your own healing.

Dr. Wintrob will spend real time with you explaining his findings and will also describe the different options for treatment. Then you and Dr. Wintrob, as a team, will decide on what is the best course of action. Working with Dr Wintrob you are an empowered driver in your healing process.

Dr. Wintrob provides genuine safety and caring for his patients. You are not just another person in a long line. By engaging in a team process with him, your healing will be facilitated and can occur more rapidly.

Therapeutically Prescribed Lenses

Traditionally prescribed eye glassess treat the symptom and not the cause. We need to discover the cause of your vision problem and then treat you with lenses, exercises and/or ergonomic adjustments.

For convenience, Dr. Wintrob also provides eyeglasses and contact lenses on site so that you can feel confident that your lenses are properly fit and will complement the healing process.