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About Dr Jerry Wintrob

Dr Jerry Wintrob has been a practicing optometrist for more than 30 years.

Dr Jerry Wintrob knows the symptoms and hardships of vision-related challenges firsthand. He also knows the relief and joy of effective vision therapy treatment.

When Dr. Jerry Wintrob was a child he suffered from a turned eye. His parents were insightful enough to enroll him in a vision therapy program and over time his problem was corrected. At the same time, it was discovered that he was nearsighted and needed glasses. His dependency on glasses was never addressed and his prescription continued to increase. When he became involved in optometry and vision therapy, he began to do exercises for himself.

Today Dr Wintrob is motivated by a desire to help each and every person he meets. Dr Wintrob works hard to offer care which is compassionate, personal and effective.

I am motivated by concern and love for each and every person who gives me the honor of allowing me to participate in the care of their eyes.Dr Jerry Wintrob

As someone who has been challenged his whole life by visual problems, Dr. Wintrob is particularly sensitive to the issues that arise during a vision exam. He combines a theoretical body of knowledge and weaves it into his own personal journey. It is the unique integration of the personal with the professional that he brings to his work.

I knew from when I entered optometry school that I would dedicate myself to practicing vision therapy. I had significant eye problems as a child, as a result I became versed in vision issues from a very young age. My experiences motivate me to practice the best compassionate eye care possible.Dr Jerry Wintrob

Passionate About Helping Children

As a former NYC schoolteacher, Dr. Wintrob has seen countless children who he now recognizes had undiagnosed vision problems and were never able to attain the levels of success that one would expect from their intellect. To this day, he regularly meet adults whose entire lives have been negatively affected by easily treated conditions.

When Dr Wintrob began his optometry practice he decided that doing exercises with school children who had visual problems affecting their learning was the ideal way to practice. Throughout his 30 years of practice working with children has been a main thrust.

A Holistic Healing Approach for Doctor and Patient

Nearly 30 years ago Dr. Wintrob became involved in Holistic Health for himself. He became a vegetarian and began practicing Yoga. He found that his energy increased and he felt much better. As he began to explore other modalities of Holistic Health, he realized that he could use these treatments for his patients and they too could experience many of the things that he was discovering for himself.

I practice holistic medicine, because I live holistic medicine. I am a perpetual student of holistic modalities and have been for most of my life. I believe very much in the mind body connection and try to incorporate it into my family’s life. Dr Jerry Wintrob

Dr Wintrob’s Background